7 benefits of using IPL at home

7 benefits of using IPL at home

Understanding the biggest benefits of IPL and how using IPL at home can help improve your hair removal experience.


Do you want to know if IPL hair removal equipment is right for you? Understanding the biggest benefits of IPL and how using IPL at home can help improve your hair removal experience.


1. Hair removal is permanently visible

Although other methods only temporarily remove body hair, you can watch it grow again, but we have solved this problem fundamentally. After the initial shaving, it will put the hair follicles to sleep and break the cycle of hair regeneration. The result is permanently visible hair removal and permanently smooth skin.


  1. Safe and suitable for your skin

A sophisticated skin tone sensor that continuously scans the skin tone and automatically adjusts the light intensity. For safe and effective use, each pulse provides an ideal amount of light.


  1. An effective at-home IPL solution

MLAY is inspired by the latest professional IPL technology used in salons and dermatology clinics. MLAY has adapted the technology for safe and effective use in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Fast treatments

With MLAY you can treat both legs in less than 5 minutes, at the lowest energy level. Use the gliding mode by pressing and holding down the treatment button in order to trigger more flashes for larger areas, or use stamp mode by pressing the treatment button one time for precise treatments in smaller or sensitive areas.

  1. Gentle and virtually painless

MLAY IPL hair removal emits a warm light and discomfort levels are very minimal. There’s even a gentle and an extra gentle mode for first-time users or for treating sensitive areas, such as the face or bikini line.

  1. Convenient

As a corded device, you get uninterrupted treatment on maximum power. This removes any need to recharge the device while in the middle of a treatment.

  1. Good value for money

Compared with the cost of hair removal methods in beauty salons, it does not take long to see the economic benefits of this home IPL device. Beauty salon treatments may require continuous payment, but at MLAY IPL, you can get hairless all year round with one purchase.


How long will it take to see the effect?

The typical hair growth cycle varies from person to person. Depending on the body part, it may take 18-24 months (underarms, calves, and bikini parts take the longest time). Because only hair in the growth stage is susceptible to light, it is important to perform multiple treatments to achieve continuous smooth skin. Therefore, we recommend 4-12 weeks of treatment at the beginning to achieve the best results. If you no longer see hair growth, you do not need to complete a full 12-week treatment. You can switch to maintenance treatment.


How should I take care of my skin after IPL?

We recommend avoiding exposure to artificial light sources, such as sunbathing pavilions or solariums. Avoid any activities or skin products that may irritate the skin within 24 hours of treatment. This includes using hot tubs or saunas, wearing tight clothing, using bleach creams, perfume products or peeling products. The above conditions may cause irritation in the treated area, such as itching and redness.

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